Creating a sample WinForms application, part one

I thought that perhaps a good way to expose new DevExpress developers to the various products and controls might be to create a small, simple application. Borne from this idea is DxContactList, a basic application designed to be a digital address book. I came up with some simple functionality that help you become more familiar with some different controls & products:

  • XtraEditors as well as creating some custom controls
  • XtraGrid
  • XtraMap
  • XtraReports
  • eXpress Persistent Objects (Xpo), DevExpress’ ORM product that will handle our data-access and mapping.
  • XtraRichEdit control

I’ve already built the application and I hope to present it to you over the next few weeks in a series of posts. We’ll take a look at each portion of the application, deconstruct how I’ve built it and point out some tips and tricks to make your life easier if you’re trying to develop something similar.

I’ll be starting with the back-end & business logic which is chiefly comprised of our persistent classes. You way want to review some of the Xpo documentation to familiarize yourself with it first. Additionally, I find that the Xpo Best Practices knowledge base article is valuable in helping you avoid some common mistakes as you begin to learn.

Creating a sample WinForms application, part one

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